About us

The famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood once said: “I can’t think without my glasses.”
“Bella Vista Optics” has been dedicated for more than 2 decades on helping you “think” and giving you the perfect sight. For almost 25 years we have been working successfully in the field of optics and optometry in Macedonia.
Our beginnings go back to 1993, with the opening of our first store in Ohrid, which was one of the first private optic stores in Macedonia that manufacture, sell and service corrective ophthalmic devices and sunglasses.
During these two decades of hard work and sincere dedication to our clients, we have become a leader in selling and distribution of optic frames in Macedonia.
We are proud that during all these years, we’ve developed a successful and recognizable brand, a proof of which are both our experienced and highly professional team and the many satisfied clients from Macedonia and other countries.

Our expertise and professionality

The optics is a specific field and should not be treated as regular trade. It demands a high level of professionality, experience, dedication, being up-to-date with the latest technological achievements, but also the latest fashion trends.
The equipment we use for manufacturing and processing the optic lenses is from the renowned company “Essilor”, which uses the latest technologies that can suit the needs of all our clients.
Along with manufacture and sale, we are also specialized in maintenance and service of ophthalmic devices. We are known for the fact that we offer up to two-year guarantee for our products.
Our company has all the certificates and licenses needed for performing all the work and activities it performs.


Bella Vista Optics consists of 4 stores, 3 of which are in Skopje and the fourth one in Ohrid. They are all equipped with tools and machinery from the worldwide known brand “Essilor”, as well as a fully automatized lens processing machine.
Our stores are highly supplied with optic frames categorized into different segments, contact lenses, sunglasses, spare parts, cosmetics and accessories.
Besides our retail stores, we also have a wholesale store that supplies more than 40 optic stores in Macedonia with optic frames and sunglasses, as well as cosmetics and spare parts for them.

Our brands

Bella Vista Optics collaborates with numerous companies that manufacture ophthalmic devices, sunglasses etc. 80% of our products are directly imported. We are general distributers for some Italian companies, one of which is Visard, with its brands: Exess Eyewear and No Logo Eyewear.
Now you can buy our products on our web store www.bellavista.mk, where you can also schedule a free eye exam in one of our stores.
Our company’s goal is to become a leader in the region in the sale and distribution of 100% Italian made, high quality frames and sunglasses with affordable prices.

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